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A great source of practical, educational content in a contemporary, flexible format. 3M Health Care Academy offers proven online content free of charge. Register today to get access to training materials from thought-leaders and peers offering fresh perspectives.

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3M Health Care Academy can help you provide better healthcare for people everywhere. We understand that you need high quality educational content and scientific rationale. Which we are here to provide.

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Professional Development

Professional development courses focus on skills to enhance nursing practice including change management, communication, leadership

Infection Prevention

Infection Prevention courses will keep you informed of critical issues and gain the knowledge to establish HAI prevention protocols.

Edema Management

Edema management courses include clinical strategies and techniques through case studies, video, demonstrations, and hands on experience

I.V. Site Care

I.V. site care courses range from basic I.V. care and vascular access knowledge to understanding guidelines and best practices.

Skin Care

Skin care courses range from fundamentals of skin protection to dealing with the challenges in incontinence care.

Wound Care

Wound Care courses focus on the fundamentals of wound management including: pressure ulcers, managing hard-to-heal and infected wounds, and more.

Featured Course...

Introduction to the 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice

The 2016 Standards of Practice reflect updated practice criteria that have been evaluated based on strength of evidence.

Featured Course...

ST79 Essentials for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Discuss AAMI ST79 with Dorothy Larson, and why there is a need for the recommended practice.

Video focus on...

I.V. Video

By the end of this training module you will have in-depth knowledge of the application of the Litho